All bosses in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread is the ultimate return-to-form for the franchise and brought Metroid back on the map after an entire decade. Sure, we did get Metroid: Samus Returns on the 3DS a few years ago but it was a remake of Metroid II and not a new entry in the storyline.

Keeping the tradition of the previous games alive, Metroid Dread is a challenging adventure that puts your skills to the test. The platforming requires accuracy, the exploration is complex, and the enemies force you to stay focused on the action. But the real star of the show is the boss fights, which are not only difficult – but even contain multiple phases for the player to fight.

So, who are the bosses in Metroid Dread? Where do you find them? And how hard is it to beat them? Let’s find out.

1. Corpius

Corpius Metroid Dread

The earliest boss fight in Metroid Dread is Corpius, who can be found in Artaria after you punch a specific door in your way. This boss fight is not as difficult as the ones that come later – but it’ll be your first experience with a boss fight, so there might be a steep learning curve.

Corpius has a total of four phases in terms of its behaviour, so you’ll have to prepare yourself for a long fight. For the first phases, we advise using missiles and charged beams. But afterward, melee attacking becomes useful too.

Finishing this fight gives you the Phantom Cloak as a reward.

2. Kraid

Kraid Metroid Dread

The next boss fight is Kraid, who you can find in the Cataris area. This fight is not very difficult and just requires some simple accuracy. There are a total of three phases in this fight and you’ll need to memorise all of Kraid’s attack patterns in each of them.

One important thing to note is that the third phase of this fight takes Samus on a Spider Magnet. If you successfully kill the boss here – you’ll win. But if you fall, then you have to repeat the second phase, since it takes place on Kraid’s belly on the ground.

3. Robot Chozo Soldier

Robot Chozo Soldier Metroid Dread

In the Ferenia area, you’ll fight a Robot Chozo Soldier. It’s a short fight with no extra phases, so that’s a nice change of pace from the first two fights. However, this boss is very fast and has multiple attacks.

The best way to deal with this Chozo Soldier is to keep as much distance as you can and attack it with missiles and charged shots. Every time you get away from the soldier, he’ll use charged attacks to close the distance. So, be ready to dodge when necessary and then maintain a distance once again.

4. Drogya

Drogya Metroid Dread

The Drogya boss fight has a total of three phases, and you fight it in the Burenia area of the game. At the start of the fight, you have to shoot its tentacle – so a power beam and charged shots are the best options.

But in the second phase, the boss is better exposed to the player, and this is when you can do most of the damage that really matters. You won’t be able to kill it right away, as Drogya will hide again after taking some damage.

So, you have to repeat the process of attacking the tentacle and then the boss itself until it dies.

5. Chozo Soldier (More than once)

Chozo Solider Metroid Dread

After a certain point in the game, you face the first Chozo Soldier of this kind. This boss has three phases and the fight is pretty straightforward until the very end.

The soldier has multiple attacks and a fast speed – but you’ll be fine as long as you keep a distance and dodge all of its attacks. What you need to look out for is the third phase, in which there is a grab sequence.

Once this sequence triggers, you have to use the Melee Counter twice when you’re about to be hit by the enemy. Once done, the boss fight ends, and you can move on. But keep in mind that you’ll fight more than one Chozo Soldier with the same pattern in the game.

6. Escue

Escue Metroid Dread

The Escue boss fight has two phases and can be found in the Ferenia area of the game. This boss fight has three attacks in the first phase and all of them are aerial since it’s a flying creature.

You cannot damage the boss when it’s surrounded by the purple energy, so you have to make sure to only attack when it’s not present.

In the second phase, the boss just floats around, and you have to shoot into it until it’s dead. It has fewer attacks this time around and your goal is to just make sure you don’t get damaged.

Once the boss is dead, you will be able to pick up Storm Missiles.

7. Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers

Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers Metroid Dread

The Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers are an easy boss fight, despite the fact that you’re up against two enemies at once. There is no special trick here that will help you out, so just dodge them a lot and shoot them whenever possible.

The Silver soldier dies faster than the other one, so make sure to target him first. And since you’ll have the Storm Missiles by this point – that makes things easier.

8. Experiment No. Z-57

Experiment No. Z-57 Metroid Dread

Corpius comes back as a reanimated corpse called Experiment No. Z-57, and he’ll be angrier than ever. You’ll find this boss fight in the Cataris area and it has three phases in total – though the second and third play similarly.

This fight is one of the hardest ones in the game because Experiment No. Z-57 has a lot of unpredictable attacks that are difficult to dodge. However, you can avoid all of these attacks by just carefully dodging them at the right time.

You might not be able to finish this boss fight without dying a few times – so don’t worry about it. With each failure, you’ll learn more about its patterns until you can finally beat it.

9. Golzuna

Golzuna Metroid Dread

The Golzuna boss fight is located in Ghavoran and it comes with three phases.

The first phase is pretty simple, you just need to shoot at the boss and dodge when necessary. It’s a very vulnerable boss, so you can save up your missiles for later. One interesting thing to note here is that you should slide under the boss whenever it raises its arms at you.

When you finally get to the third phase of the fight, things finally become more difficult. It’s time to use the missiles and you’ll need to slide below the boss a lot in order to target its weak spot on the backside.

Before the boss dies, it will start shooting more things your way. So, just make sure to get out of their way when they appear. Eventually, you’ll be done with the fight.

10. Raven Beak

Raven Beak Metroid Dread

Raven Beak is the big baddie of Metroid Dread, so it’s not a fight that you’ll get away with easily. The fight is very long and has a total of four phases.

Most of the first phase is pretty simple. Though he does have very aggressive attacks, you just have to learn to dodge them properly.

In the second phase, he starts flying and attacking in multiple quick-paced attacks. So, you should dodge, slide, and jump around whenever necessary. It’s challenging to attack him, so be as composed as possible.

In the third phase, you need to survive as long as you can so that you can do Melee Counters – which will deal a good amount of damage. It’s not easy, but you’ll learn to do it after a few tries.

In the fourth and last phase, you face the final form of the Raven Beak. Fortunately, there are no new tricks here to be found. Simply shoot and shoot until there’s nothing left standing in your way – and then you’re done with the bosses of Metroid Dread.

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