Caleb Hinton

Caleb is the creator of Gaming Kingpin and lead writer. His favourite games include Valheim, Escape from Tarkov and anything related to Total War.

E3 2023 Update

In perhaps another setback for E3 2023, Nintendo and Playstation have both annouced that they will not be attending. The VGC announced the news yesterday and can confirm that the two gaming giants have officially chosen to skip E3 this year. According to Nintendo, they have decided to skip E3 2023 due to the fact…

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Is Metroid Prime canon?

Metroid Prime has consistently been rated one of the best Metroid games of all time, but there has been a long discussion about whether Metroid Prime is canon or not. Some argue that the game has its rightful place alongside the other Prime games, but others suggest that the game is not canon, as the…

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