Avowed: Everything We Know So Far

Avowed, the highly anticipated first-person RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, has had the gaming community buzzing since its announcement. As the creators of popular titles such as The Outer Worlds and the beloved classic, Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian has built a reputation for delivering engaging experiences with rich stories. With Avowed, the developer promises to deliver yet another adventure that will captivate both fans and newcomers alike. In this article, we will explore everything we know so far about this promising title.

You can watch Avowed’s official release trailer here.

Setting & Story

Set in the world of Eora, Avowed takes place in the same universe as Obsidian’s critically acclaimed Pillars of Eternity series. However, it’s important to note that Avowed is not a direct sequel to the Pillars games, and players can expect a fresh and unique experience. Eora is a richly detailed world teeming with various cultures, races, and creatures, providing an ideal setting for an expansive RPG.

The story is shrouded in secrecy, but it has been revealed that Avowed will focus on the region of The Living Lands, an uncharted and mysterious frontier in Eora. Players will assume the role of a customisable protagonist who embarks on an epic quest to face a powerful and ancient enemy. Fans can anticipate a deep, branching narrative with morally complex choices that will impact the course of the story.

Gameplay Mechanics

While Pillars of Eternity was an isometric RPG, Avowed is a first-person RPG, drawing comparisons to games like The Elder Scrolls series. Players will navigate the world in real-time, engaging in first-person combat and exploration. The game will feature a vast open world filled with diverse environments, intriguing characters, and numerous side quests, which encourage exploration and discovery.

Combat is a crucial aspect of any RPG, and Obsidian has confirmed that Avowed will feature a fluid, real-time combat system with a mix of melee weapons, ranged attacks, and magic. The game’s magic system is expected to offer a wide array of spells, allowing players to tailor their playstyle and experiment with different combinations. Additionally, the game will include an intricate character progression system, with numerous attributes, skills, and abilities to choose from. This level of customisation will enable players to build a character that fits their preferred playstyle, whether it be a powerful mage, a stealthy rogue, or a resilient warrior.

Gameplay screen of Avowed
Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment

Graphics & Technical Aspects

One of the key selling points of Avowed will be its cutting-edge graphics, powered by Unreal Engine 5. The game will boast stunning visuals, bringing the world of Eora to life like never before. Obsidian has made it clear that they aim to create an incredibly detailed experience, with dynamic weather, realistic lighting, and detailed character models.

As for the technical aspects, Avowed is expected to have a seamless open world with no loading screens between zones. This will be very welcome, allowing players to explore the vast world without any interruptions. Additionally, the developers have hinted at the implementation of advanced AI systems for both friendly and hostile NPCs, leading to more realistic interactions and behaviours.

Gameplay screen of Avowed
Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment

Development & Release Date

Avowed was first announced during the Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020, and Obsidian has been hard at work developing the title ever since. Although the developers have remained tight-lipped about the game’s development progress, several job listings and insider reports have suggested that the project is on track and progressing smoothly.

No specific release date has been confirmed for Avowed, but based on industry speculation and the game’s development timeline, it’s possible that the game may launch sometime in 2024. Avowed is confirmed to be available on Xbox and PC, with the game being included in Xbox Game Pass from day one. This is a major boon for Game Pass subscribers, who will gain access to one of the most anticipated RPGs without any additional cost.

Marketing & Hype

Obsidian and Microsoft have been relatively conservative in their marketing efforts for Avowed thus far, likely to avoid generating excessive hype that may lead to unrealistic expectations. However, the gaming community’s excitement is palpable, as fans eagerly await more information about the game.

Some fans have expressed concern that Avowed may be overshadowed by the upcoming release of The Elder Scrolls VI, another highly anticipated first-person RPG. However, many gamers believe that Avowed has the potential to stand on its own merits, given Obsidian’s track record of delivering deep, story-driven experiences.

To keep the hype alive and maintain fan interest, Obsidian has been sharing tidbits of information on social media and through interviews, offering glimpses into the game’s development and the creative process behind it. This transparency has endeared the developers to their fans and fostered a sense of trust and excitement for the upcoming title.

Art from Avowed
Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment

Avowed is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious and promising RPGs in recent memory. With Obsidian at the helm, fans have every reason to be excited about this epic adventure set in the world of Eora. While we still have much to learn about the game, the details revealed so far paint a picture of an expansive RPG that could leave a lasting impression on the genre.

As we eagerly await more information and a potential release date, it’s clear that Avowed has captured the imagination of the gaming community. With its rich world, engaging story, and cutting-edge graphics, Avowed is poised to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience that will undoubtedly resonate with both fans of Obsidian and newcomers.

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