Best mods for Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a hugely popular indie game, which naturally has a passionate modding community. These mods add in new content and abilities, reskins, and refine specific areas of the game, some making it harder and some making it easier for more casual players.

If you’re looking for the best mods for Hollow Knight, here are our favourites:

Invincibility Mod

Link to mod

This mod eliminates all possible damage, so you will be able to explore Hallownest with total freedom. Absolutely ideal for people curious to play Hollow Knight who aren’t interested in a tough challenge, but just a peaceful playthrough.

Radiant Soul

Link to mod

Looking to channel your inner One Punch Man? This mod will make it so that every enemy will go down in one hit, so you can smash through the game quickly but still have a small challenge.

There are some exceptions to the one-hit rule which you can find on the mods page, but generally, it will work with most enemies.

Cheap Charms

Link to mod

Making the game a little easier, the Cheap Charms mod will make it so that charms will only cost one Notch. This means upgrades will come very quickly and easily, so you’ll be much stronger early on.

Moth Knight

Link to mod

This mod switches the game into an interesting format, where you will be in infinite flight, but any contact with the ground or walls will damage you. You’ll need to adjust your skills for this one.

One Mask Knight

Link to mod

If you’re looking to give yourself a challenge, then this mod will do exactly that. You will only have one mask of health, so only seasoned Hollow Knight players should even attempt the game with this mod.

Lightbringer Mod

Link to mod

This mod switches the game up into ranged gameplay. Lightbringer replaces the nail with a lance of light, meaning that you will able to attack from a distance. It also adds charms that you can use to upgrade your new light lance, so it’s not just a gimmick weapon added in – it’s a fully adapted style of gameplay, so you can enjoy Hollow Knight again from a completely new angle.

Randomizer Mod

Link to mod

If you’re finding that the game is getting a bit predictable, the Randomizer Mod will mix up where items and enemies appear, so you can add some surprises back into your Hollow Knight experience. It can mix up the map too, so you’ll need to relearn how to navigate Hallownest.

Multiplayer Mod

Link to mod

It’s possible to play Hollow Knight with friends thanks to this Hollow Knight Multiplayer mod. Now you can explore Hallownest with a friend, and get some help taking down some of the toughest bosses. You can also PVP in it, so you can even make it a competitive experience.

It’s still ironing out some synchronisation issues, but the mod should be smoothed out pretty soon.

Cut Content Mod

Link to mod

This mod gives you a sneak peek into rooms that were unused in the final release of Hollow Knight, but that are still leftover from development. Although the areas you’ll find are empty, it’s a great mod if you’re curious about seeing some unused artwork in the beautiful map of Hallownest.

Custom Knight Mod

Link to mod

If you’re looking to adjust the look of Hollow Knight, and maybe even retexture the game for a fresh gameplay experience, then you definitely need this mod.

This mod allows you to download custom skins and get really creative with how you want your Hollow Knight game to look.

Once you’ve downloaded the mod, here is ColetteMSLP’s Hollow Knight skin list, which you might be interested in. There’s also a video from fireb0rn showcasing all the skins in detail.

ColetteMSLP’s Hollow Knight Skin List
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