E3 Digital Showcase Dates Announced

E3 2023 has been through a tough time, but it’s still pushing ahead this year despite several setbacks. The digital showcase is expected to start on Sunday 11th June 2023, running up until the in-person event and will be titled ‘E3 2023 Digital Week’. This will be host to shows such as Future Games Show and PC Gaming Show.

Overall, ReedPop remains confident that the event is going to be a great success. They have stated that they will be releasing a full exhibitor list before the show begins, but as more of the big companies drop out, it’s a wonder who will actually be there.

Ubisoft has confirmed they will be there (after initially dropping a big ‘if’ about the event), but Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation are all out.

More blows for E3

Reggie Fils-Aimé, President and CEO of Nintendo, took a stab at E3, giving the impression that is the beginning of the end. If it’s not, he’s certainly pushing it in the right direction, considering the tweet has almost 1.2m views at the time of writing. Geoff Keighley, the founder of Summer Game Fest, even responded with a crying face emoji, showing that even he was in on the joke.

E3 seems to be losing its reputation as the arbiter of gaming news and announcements, with some like Fils-Aimé wondering what purpose it has at all. But ReedPop are still optimistic that the event will be a success and restore E3’s status as a “cultural touchstone”. Maybe when E3 starts again, people might remember the magic it once had.

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