Escape From Tarkov Update

Escape From Tarkov has recently rolled out a huge update that has changed the game immensely, improving weapon recoil across the board while simultaneously increasing player movement and stamina. This balance patch has received plenty of praise from players and content creators alike, though perhaps an equal amount of criticism. Read on to see the exact changes and why they may be important to you, especially if you are new to, or considering playing Escape From Tarkov.

Recoil changes

Recoil on every weapon in the game has been reduced. After the update dropped, it was clear recoil had been lessened, despite the fact that all gun statistics had remained the same.

This is because a hidden stat called ‘recoil deviation’ has been reduced, which improves weapon handling
without affecting displayed weapon stats. What this means for players is that weapon
horizontal and camera recoil has been reduced, making it easier to control weapons that
were previously hard to use.

However, while this is a flat change to every weapon in the game, not every weapon has been affected equally. Weapons with previously high dispersion, such as the G36 and the AUG, have been improved much more noticeably than those with previously low dispersion such as the SCAR or popular MDR.

Movement & stamina changes

While recoil has been adjusted with a single stat change, player movement has had a
comprehensive list of updates.

Players will now:

  • Use less stamina when running
  • Use less stamina when moving between stances (crouching/prone)
  • Lose less stamina when being shot
  • Be able to carry more gear without becoming ‘overweight’
  • Use less stamina when ‘overweight’
  • Lose energy and hydration at a slower rate

There have also been decreased penalties on movement speed and ergonomics by 50% on most armour
and armoured rigs.

All these changes will allow players to move faster, further and for longer without having to
level up your PMC. This will also allow players to equip loadouts with heavier gear at low
levels without incurring heavy movement penalties. Players should note that ergonomics affect the weapon handling of your PMC, so with this Escape From Tarkov update, players will experience more responsive weapon handling at lower skill levels, even when wearing heavier armour.

Player movement in Tarkov is dictated by two stats, the PMC’s strength and
endurance, strength dictating sprint speed and jump height while endurance dictates stamina
and stamina recovery. Strength is levelled when the player character is ‘overweight’ while
endurance is levelled while ‘underweight’.

Before the update players had noted that it was very difficult when at a low level to get high levels of endurance, even light loadouts would cause the player to be ‘overweight’, making players feel restricted in the gear they could bring. With these changes expect to see much more loadout diversity as players enjoy a more generous equipment load.

Escape from Tarkov raid screenshot
Escape From Tarkov’s newest update makes some significant changes to movement.

Who benefits more, new or veteran players?

Veteran players will now be experiencing the game with better weapons and faster
characters. Some players are under the impression that this will make things harder for the
new players, but if we look at the way Tarkov’s levelling system works, we see that these
changes greatly benefit new and casual players.

As veteran players play the game, their characters are rewarded with improved movement and weapon handling, many hardcore players have such high levels of strength and endurance that they can ignore the effects of exhaustion and move much faster than a lower-level player. This update levels the playing
field, giving new players enough endurance and equipment load off the bat to use decent equipment and either outmanoeuvre or escape experienced players.

As a final improvement for new players, reduced stamina loss when being shot and reduced
consumption of energy and hydration will see a decrease in such frustrating deaths: where the player is unable to move in combat or succumbs to starvation when resources are low.

But it’s now all in favour of new players. With the recoil and weight system changes, veterans will be experiencing a lot more variety in the weapons and armour that are considered viable. Guns that were previously ignored may become popular and armour that was never used due to harsh stat penalties could be seen again. As this Escape From Tarkov update becomes more familiar, veteran and hardcore players will get to experiment and optimise, creating new meta loadouts to be competitive.

Escape From Tarkov update – a positive sign

Escape From Tarkov is not renowned for being a casual game or friendly to new players. But this update shows that the developers are considering the accessibility of their game. With the huge push for change spearheaded by content creators and the community, this week, Tarkov has seen changes that will likely define the direction of the game going forward. With Tarkov Arena on the horizon and in-game balance moving in a positive direction, now is a great time to be a new player.

If you’re interested in starting, then check out our guide to installing Escape From Tarkov.

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