How long is Hollow Knight?

Hollow Knight is one of the most popular indie games of all time, and since its release in 2017, it still remains hugely popular – with a sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong due to be released sometime this year or in 2024. But how long does it take to beat Hollow Knight?

Hollow Knight, while an indie game, is still a full title. On average, players are expected to take 20 to 30 hours to complete the main story, but those going for a full completion can expect to put in up to 50 hours. That isn’t including all the mods that are available for the game too.

Hollow Knight Quirrel

Hollow Knight’s Content

Hollow Knight is a rich game, full of content from start to finish, so this is a worthwhile purchase if you’re wondering how long it’s actually going to be.

There are several factors which contribute to Hollow Knight’s length, and will take you a while to get through:


Hallownest is a huge and diverse world to explore, and has a litany of hidden areas and optional bosses. It also can be a bit of a maze, so players might spend some time trying to navigate all the areas. As the trailer on Steam describes, you will face over 140 unique enemies, so you have a huge amount of enemies to fight and defeat.


It’s no secret: Hollow Knight is hard. Especially for those who aren’t used to Metroidvania games. So if you’re new to the genre, tackling some of the areas and bosses might take up a few hours of repeat attempts.


Hollow Knight has a plethora of collectibles and upgrades to make, as well as a bunch of optional quests that extend your game time. If you’re the kind of player who wants to play a game to completion, expect this aspect to add a huge amount of depth and content.


Hollow Knight also supports a variety of mods, which improve and enhance the experience of the game. Some work to make the game easier, but others will ramp the game’s difficulty way up to give seasoned players an even greater challenge, and give extra content for the player to complete.

Hollow Knight is currently available on Steam for £12.79 and its reviews have been Overwhelming Positive since its release.

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