How to catch fish in Valheim

Catching fish in Valheim can be incredibly worthwhile for collecting food, and also a great pastime in the game. To catch fish in Valheim, you will need to obtain a fishing rod.

How to get a fishing rod

Getting a Fishing rod in Valheim is simple. Once you find Haldor in the Black Forest, you will be able to purchase the Fishing rod for 350 gold. This is also where you can purchase your starting Fishing bait, for 10 gold per 50.

Tip: It is actually possible to find the Fishing rod in the world, but this is quite rare, and shouldn’t be relied on as a strategy for obtaining it.

How to catch fish

Catching fish in Valheim is relatively simple. Once you have your Fishing rod, find the nearest body of water and stand at the edge.

Cast out your line using the left mouse button; hold it to cast the line further. Once your bait bobs below the water, a fish is on your line. Click the right mouse button and you should see ‘Hooked’ appear. Hold the right mouse button to reel the fish in.

Make sure that you have enough stamina to pull the fish in, before picking the fish up with E (or the appropriate keybind). If you run out of stamina before the fish is out of the water and you can grab it, you will lose the fish.

Sometimes when you are travelling throughout the world, you will see fish that have already jumped out of the water, and if you’re close to the water, you might often see fish glitching onto land or even floating in the air.

Sometimes fish can be seen flying in the air

Valheim Fishing Bait types

More advanced fish that yield more Raw Fish and can be used for some unique recipes (currently only one) require more advanced bait types.

See below a table of the fishing bait types, as well as the recipe required:

Bait TypeRecipe
Cold Fishing Bait x201 Tuna, 1 Ulv Trophy
Frosty Fishing Bait x201 Magmafish, 1 Drake Trophy
Heavy Fishing Bait x201 Pike, 1 Serpent Trophy
Hot Fishing Bait x201 Anglerfish, 1 Surtling Trophy
Misty Fishing Bait x201 Grouper, 1 Lox Trophy
Mossy Fishing Bait x201 Perch, 1 Troll Trophy
Sticky Fishing Baitx201 Trollfish, 1 Abomination Trophy
Stingy Fishing Bait x201 Giant Herring, 1 Fuling Trophy
Fishing Bait types and recipes

The Misty Fishing Bait is used to catch Anglerfish, which is useful if you want to make Fish n’ Bread.

How to cook fish

Once your fish is caught, you should have the fish in your inventory, as well as some Raw Fish. You will also be able to turn your fish into Raw Fish using the cauldron. Once you’re ready to create some food, follow our guide on how to cook fish in Valheim.

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