How to cook fish in Valheim

Fishing in Valheim can be an excellent way to build a source of food. But once you have caught the fish and have it in your inventory, how do you actually cook it and eat it?

The simple answer is that to eat fish you need to have Raw Fish. Raw Fish is obtained via fishing, which should be added straight to your inventory, as well as the fish you have caught. You can also turn any fish into Raw Fish using a Cauldron (level 1).

Note that your game will create Raw Fish from any fish in your inventory, so make sure you put any fish away you don’t want to convert. It will also pick based on type:

  1. Perch
  2. Pike
  3. Tuna
  4. Tetra
  5. Trollfish
  6. Giant Herring
  7. Grouper
  8. Coral Cod
  9. Anglerfish*
  10. Northern Salmon
  11. Magmafish
  12. Pufferfish

Once you have the item Raw Fish in your inventory, you will be able to use the Cooking Station to create Cooked Fish. You can stack up to 20 in your inventory, weighing 1.0 each.

Raw fish being cooked in Valheim
Raw Fish takes 25 seconds to cook

Is Cooked Fish good?

While stronger recipes are available, Cooked Fish is a good source of quick food and will last for 20 minutes.

Cooked Fish will give you

  • 45 Health
  • 15 Stamina
  • 2 hp/tick

Other Fish recipes

Fish Wraps are what most players value. Not only does a Fish Wrap give more stamina and almost double the health, but it also lasts for up to 25 minutes.

  • 70 Health
  • 23 Stamina
  • 4 hp/tick

Fish Wraps require four Barley Flour and two Cooked Fish. You will also need a level 4 cauldron to make them.

Are there any specific fish recipes?

Currently, with the Mistlands update, only one specific fish is needed for a unique recipe, which is the Anglerfish*. The Anglerfish, combined with two Bread Dough will make the Fish n’ Bread, for 30 health and 90 stamina. Therefore, Anglerfish are the only fish worth holding on to.

Fishing can be a long process if you aren’t based near water, but amassing a reserve of Fish Wraps can be a great source of food late game, as it requires a relatively small amount of ingredients for a great health payoff.

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