How to tame two-star wolves in Valheim

Taming two-star wolves in Valheim is a difficult but worthwhile activity. Taming regular wolves is tricky enough, as is taming regular animals, but taming two-star wolves presents a unique challenge.

Two-star wolves have triple the health and deal double the damage of a standard wolf, making them fantastic additions to your base, ideal for defending against raids or protecting you in hostile environments.

Two-star wolves will also drop four times the resources than a standard wolf when killed, for a total of four wolf meat, four wolf pelts and four wolf fangs. This makes breeding two-star wolves great for farming food and armour upgrades during the silver age.

Where to find two-star wolves?

Two-star wolves will exclusively spawn at night in the Mountains, normally in packs of three to five wolves of varying star levels. At night, the spawn rate for Valheim wolves is increased, as well as group size, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding any.

Wolves that spawn at night will eventually move away from the player and despawn during the day, so it’s important that you follow the steps in this guide to successfully tame one.

Mountains biome in Valheim
Mountains in Valheim

What you need before taming two-star wolves

Before attempting to tame a two-star wolf it is strongly advised that you are equipped with upgraded iron armour or the first level of silver armour. Valheim wolves are dangerous, especially two-stars, and will likely be in a pack. You will also need a warm cloak or frost resistance mead, when in the mountains the freezing debuff is constantly applied. Finally, you will need three stacks of boar meat for feeding the wolves.

Padded Armour in Valheim
Padded Armour should be strong enough to start handling two-star wolves

The method of taming a two-star wolf

The first step is to find a Mountains biome that borders a Meadows biome and is of a decent size.

This is not essential, but it will make your job easier, as the Meadows poses very little threat to the player while also having fewer mobs that can distract the wolves.

Dig a square hole near the border of the mountains using a pickaxe. This hole should be five strikes deep and two by two floor tiles wide, which is big enough so that wolves can run into the hole, but will not be able to run out.

The next step is to trap a regular wolf, which can be done during the day. Lead the wolf into the hole, throw in some boar meat, and after thirty minutes the wolf should be tame. Watch for the green hearts floating from the wolf – this indicates the taming process is working. Anytime the wolf is hostile to you or any mobs, the taming process will pause, so make sure you clear any enemies and keep your distance.

The taming of the regular wolf is essential. The two-star wolf will despawn, even when tamed, so you need to breed the two-star wolf and the regular wolf to produce a two-star pup. This pup will not despawn.

Once you have trapped the two-star wolf, do not leave the area. Stay close to the wolf pit while sneaking to ensure the two-star wolf does not despawn. The two-star wolf will only tame at night, and may take two nights to tame, so be patient.

Two-star wolf in Valheim
A tame two-star wolf

Once the two-star wolf is tamed, you no longer need to sneak. Throw in some more boar meat. Pink hearts should show up when they are successfully breeding.

The two-star wolf will produce a two-star pup, the regular wolf will produce a regular pup. Separate (or kill) the regular pups to ensure there is enough space for at least two new two-star pups. It will take approximately two in-game days for the pups to mature into adults.

Once matured, you will have two tamed two-star wolves that will not despawn in the daytime. Use a hoe to raise the ground or build a slope to release the wolves and pet them to make them follow you. Bring the wolves back to your base and keep at least two well-protected to ensure you don’t have to repeat the process again. Keep the wolves fed to increase their numbers and enjoy the resources and protection that come with owning these powerful pets.

Key points to remember:

  • Animals will not tame if hostile to the character or any mobs
  • Two-star wolves only spawn and tame at night
  • Leaving the two-star wolf in the day will cause it to despawn
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