Incube8 Games – bringing the old into the new

Have you ever considered picking up some of your old game consoles and playing them again?

You might be bored of the old games, especially if you played them a lot when you were a kid, and have since moved onto newer consoles where they released newer games.

However, similar to the vinyl revival, there has been a newfound appreciation for retro games.

Incube8 Games is a company based in Montreal that produces and publishes new games on retro video game cartridges. In the gaming industry, new games are always released on the latest console, but Incube8 Games aims to change this, and bring in a new era of game publishing and production, where old consoles can be appreciated in a new light.

Founded in 2021, the company signed 10 games in its first year, and now has an entire catalogue of games to choose from. The games are designed to work with the Game Boy and the Game Boy Colour, with current development for other Game Boy consoles.

Published games

Incube8 Games at the time of writing has published 27 games now, and continues to release new titles.

Zephyr’s Pass just released in August of 2023, so be sure to stay posted on their website to check out their new releases.

Zephyr's Pass Incube8 Games

Game style

All the games keep the same retro style, and simply continue the style of games from where the industry left off.

D*Fuzed is a turn-based logic puzzle game, where you have to navigate and defuse ticking bombs in order to progress, avoiding explosions in the process.

D*Fuzed gameplay

As you can see, the games are original and new but still retain the charm of the original Game Boy games.

Each game comes fully boxed too, with the old-style instruction booklets to come with them.

D*Fuzed 2023 Incube8 Games
D*Fuzed, 2023

Supporting the community

Being a passionate advocate for the retro gaming community, Incube8 Games is also heavily supportive of developers interested in retro games.

Check out their Developers page for more information on how they actually support budding developers and how they can turn a project into a fully published game.

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