Is Chivalry 2 crossplay?

Yes, Chivalry 2 is crossplay. You can matchmake with other players, but also invite friends using friend codes to allow them to join your party. So in short, you can play with randoms, but also your friends.

Chivalry 2 allows crossplay with different platforms, so it is available with available between Xbox, PlayStation 4, 5 and PC. Due to the Raiding Party update, you can now enjoy cross-platform parties, which means that you can finally go into matches with your friends in the same party.

How to crossplay in Chivalry 2

You will need a friend code in order to add them to your party.

In the Main Menu, click on ‘Invite Party Members’ in the bottom left. You should then be taken to a Friends screen, where you’ll be able to see an ‘Info’ box on the right-hand side:

Clicking the eye icon will reveal your code, which if you send this to your friend, they will be able to add you. This is if your friend is hosting the party.

Click on ‘Add Friends’ to add friends to your own party. Once you reach the below screen, get your friends to give you their own code and add them in. They will need to add your code too. Once you are friends within the game, you will be able to add each other to parties.

Disabling Crossplay

If you want to disable crossplay on console in Chivalry 2, this is possible.

However, it will likely increase your matchmaking times, as crossplay servers allow a variety of players in, whereas you will need to enter console-only lobbies, and there might be a small amount.

To turn off crossplay in Chivalry 2:

  • Go to Settings
  • Press Options
  • Go down to Crossplay Matchmaking under General’
  • Toggle the option off

It will then read Disabled, which means you will no longer matchmaker with players on other platforms. This is only available for consoles, there is no option to disable crossplay on PC.

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