Is Chivalry 2 realistic?

Chivalry 2 was released in 2021 and is a multiplayer hack-and-slash game. It pits 64 players against each other to create some epic battles, but is it a realistic game? And is it historically accurate?

Chivalry 2’s setting

According to Torn Banner Studios, the Chivalry games are “set in a fictional universe inspired by medieval Hollywood movies and TV shows. We are not tied to strict historical realism but instead are attempting to capture the romance of the era.”

This is exactly what the games do. While they are not historically accurate, so they bear no relation to real historical battles that happened, the armour and gameplay are designed to look realistic, or at least realistic to movies.


Chivalry 2’s graphics look amazing, and battles can look incredibly realistic, with 64 players clashing against each other creating incredibly hectic and chaotic battle scenes.

What adds to Chivalry’s experience is the light element of comedy in the game. The game is not goofy, but is still incredibly violent, yet adds in some comical elements that fit the comically brutal chivalrous knight theme perfectly.

For example, pressing ‘C’ in the game will make your character scream victoriously. You also have a variety of taunts and commands based on several voices in the game.

Fire will also scorch your armour after you’ve been burnt, and your armour will be stained with blood based on how low your health is. This is not only good for graphics, but you will be able to judge how easy an enemy is to finish off.

You can also lose limbs (sometimes both arms), which will mean you’ll have a timer until you’re dead where you can try and attempt some final hits.

There is also a sufficient amount of gore in the game to make hand-to-hand combat seem pretty realistic. This can also be turned off via the menu for younger audiences.

So in conclusion, Chivalry 2 is not realistic in terms of historical accuracy but is realistic in terms of graphics and combat. It has a well-crafted cliche knight theme to it which looks amazing, and you will come across some battle scenes which look like they’re straight out of a Hollywood movie. If you’re a history buff, you won’t be able to play historical battles like in Total War, but if you’re a fan of knights and medieval battle, Chivalry 2 is a must-buy.

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