Is Escape from Tarkov available on Steam?

Escape from Tarkov – Download Guide

An Escape from Tarkov Steam addition would be amazing for many players, with Steam’s sales making games cheaper and the platform making everything accessible.

Unfortunately, Escape from Tarkov is not available on Steam. Very recently at the time of writing, Escape from Tarkov popped up on Steam as an available purchase, however, it was branded immediately and rightfully by the channel VeryBadSCAV as a scam.

Will Tarkov ever be on Steam?

Eventually, it might be. It was discussed back in 2016 that it was the “plan“, but it hasn’t been confirmed since. And when the game will release on Steam, or whether BSG still have plans to, is still unknown.

How to download Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is only available for PC via Battlestate Games’ (BSG) Escape from Tarkov official page, which you can find here.

To download the game, you will need to login or register on the site, and then visit the Preorder page.

NOTE: In this case, preordering means purchasing. Because the game is still technically in beta, this means that to buy the game in its current form, you are technically ‘preordering’ the game, but you will receive the fully functioning version of Escape from Tarkov upon purchase.

Which version should I buy?

There are multiple editions of the game, which are no different apart from the gear you will start with. The more expensive packages will give players more of a head start in the game, by gifting more gear to begin with, and greater rep with the traders, so more gear is available. It will also vary your stash size, so you will be able to store more gear in your inventory.

Starting USEC stash equipment for Standard Edition
Starting USEC stash equipment for Standard Edition

Standard Edition

This is the edition most new players go for, which is the regular version. Here you will begin with a standard loadout, and a regular-sized stash.

Standard Editon of Escape from Tarkov

Left Behind Edition

The Left Behind Edition is exactly the same as the Standard Edition, however it has a slightly larger stash and some improved starting gear.

Left Behind Edition of Escape from Tarkov

Prepare for Escape Edition

Your stash in this edition is much larger than the previous two, so you will have no problem with storage when starting the game. You will have even stronger gear to begin with, and you will also begin with good standing with all the in-game traders, meaning that you will have a head start on the grind for trader rep.

Edge of Darkness Limited Edition

This is the biggest and best version available, and will gift you an enormous stash, a huge amount of equipment and great standing with all traders. You will also get a unique, in-game ID.

However, the real appeal with this package is that you will have free access to all subsequent DLCs, which BSG plan to release in the near future. Therefore, while it sits at a pricey 109.99€, this could be the most cost-effective package available.

BSG Launcher

Once you have made your choice and your purchase, you will have the Battlestate Games Launcher on your PC, and from here you will have access to the game, as well as news and forums discussing the game and its development.

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