Is there a Total War: Lord of the Rings?

If you’re looking for a Total War Lord of the Rings game, then sadly an official title doesn’t exist yet. There have been 15 official Total War titles released, and since the release of Warhammer 3 in 2022, Creative Assembly have been quiet on what the next Total War game will be, but we’re fairly sure Lord of the Rings isn’t in the works.

However, you might be able to enjoy the next best thing, as the modding community has taken it upon themselves to create Middle Earth in several Total War titles.

Currently, some very impressive Lord of the Rings mods exist for:

  • Medieval 2
  • Attila
  • Rome Remastered

There is also a huge mod on the way that is compatible with Troy, with a release date that is currently unknown. So while there is no Total War Lord of the Rings that has been officially released, these mods will almost certainly give you the experience that you’re after.

Third Age Total War Mod

The Third Age – Total War mod is compatible with Total War: Medieval 2. This was perhaps the first Lord of the Rings mod to be created for any Total War game.

This mod might be a little dated now for some, having been released in 2009, but it’s still a great experience. It includes 115 settlements based on locations from Middle-Earth. There are also 14 playable factions to choose from, which include: Gondor, Rohan, High Elves, Silvan Elves, Dwarves, Eriador, Dale, Isengard, Mordor, Rhun, Harad and the Orcs of the Misty Mountains. In terms of an extensive and finished experience, this mod has it all.

Third Age Total War Mod Minas Tirith
Minas Tirith in The Third Age Mod

Dawnless Days Mod

The Dawnless Days Mod is compatible with Total War: Attila.

This mod has been created by a team of modders with a passion for Tolkien’s universe, and who have a final goal of creating a full Lord of the Rings campaign.

In this mod, there are currently custom battlefield and settlement maps with both land and siege battles, as well as unique units such as trolls, wargs and mûmakil, which have custom animations designed by the team. This mod is fully functional and still in development, so there are many great updates on the way.

They also have an official Discord server, which you can join here.

Elrond in Dawnless Days Mod
Elrond in Dawnless Days Mod

The Lord of the Rings: Total War (Remastered)

The Lord of the Rings: Total War mod is compatible with Total War: Rome Remastered.

This mod was released in 2022, and is focused on recreating the epic battles from the film trilogy. It also comes with a complete Middle Earth map, and also has fully customised cities such as Minas Tirith and Helm’s Deep. There’s also a Free People’s campaign available.

Check out their Discord server for more information and updates.

Uruk soliders in The Lord of the Rings: Total War (Remastered) mod
Uruk soldiers

Where the Shadows Lie Mod

The Where the Shadows Lie mod will be compatible with Total War Saga: Troy.

This mod is not out yet, but it is likely to be soon, and from what we can tell, it looks pretty good already. It will be complete with unit cards, and different playable factions such as Gondor, Dol Amroth, Mordor and Minas Morgul. While the mod might not be available yet, there are many screenshots and previews available from the modders that show an insight into what the mod can be.

Where the Shadows Lie Mod screenshot
Boromir in Total War Saga: Troy Mod

Heroes are to be added, and Boromir can already be seen in the game, which suggests that eventually all of the major heroes in the Lord of the Rings will make an appearance.

There will also be multiple units available from what we can see that fit the differences in unit size much more accurately than the other mods, and the graphics already look incredibly impressive.

Where the Shadows Lie Mod screenshot
Where the Shadows Lie Mod

This mod looks like it’s bound to be a fantastic experience, and certainly one of the most polished, so make sure you stay posted on Mod DB and Gaming Kingpin for updates on its release.

Are you satisfied with the Lord of the Rings mods that currently exist for Total War? Or does Lord of the Rings deserve a full release from Creative Assembly? Let us know in the comments.

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