Total War: Three Kingdoms | Best Mods 2023

Even though Three Kingdoms is a fairly new game (released in 2019), there are already a plethora of mods available to help you improve and adapt the game. Total War has always had a strong modding community, and the love of the series means that the number of mods out there is always increasing.

Most of the best mods for Three Kingdoms exist on the Steam Workshop, as Mod DB is fairly scarce and a lot of the mods on Nexus Mods haven’t been updated, so unfortunately no longer work. It seems that all the best modders have congregated on Steam. Here are our top picks:

Wu Kingdaissance – Battle of The White Wolf

Link to mod

This mod is an incredible achievement, and adds in nearly 300 unique characters, 100 special models, as well as a litany of weapons, mounts and ancillaries, as well as over 200 special abilities. If you’re looking for something extra after having completed the game, this is an essential mod to look into.

Wu Kingdaissance – Battle of The White Wolf character designs

Generic Generals Overhaul

Link to mod

Ever felt like the generals could be a little more distinct from each other? Even the most notable ones like Lu Bu. This mod upgrades the generals and adds more equipment to armour ancillaries. It also edits the portraits to match the changes.

Make Them Unique (3.3)

Link to mod

This mod also provides an overhaul to the characters, and as the name suggests, makes them look unique. It adds distinct illustrations for new characters added, as well as new character models in-game.

Units model historical reskin

Link to mod

For all the history buffs, this is a mod that more accurately represents the weapons and armour of the era. It adds reskins for weapons and armour for all factions. It also makes it easier to distinguish units from one another, which can improve your battle strategy and appearance in cinematic mode.

Units model historical reskin, Steam Workshop

Radious Total War Mod – Part 1

Link to mod

It wouldn’t be a Total War mod list without a mention of Radious, who over the last 13 years have contributed complete overhaul mods for every game since Shogun 2.

This mod is a complete overhaul, meaning it will offer players changes to the campaign AI, diplomacy, land battles, abilities, stats, costs; the list goes on. It works to provide a much more refined gameplay experience, and fixes a lot of the problems which can often irritate veteran Total War players.

Radious Total War Mod Part 1

Horse Equipment Overhaul

Link to mod

Quite simply, this mod adds extra variety and depth to the armours on the horses. This mod will apply to the generals, their bodyguard cavalry units, and some of the higher-end units such as Jade Dragons.

Vanilla Units Remaster

Link to mod

This mod essentially freshens up the look of the game. It will keep the original models in the game, so you don’t need to worry about it changing the game too much, but it will strengthen the look of the units, making them look more interesting and varied.

Vanilla Units Remaster Mod for Three Kingdoms

All Factions Playable

Link to mod

This mod essentially makes it so you can play as any faction at any time. No more constriction to the year or faction, now you can enjoy any faction just the way you like.

If you need an English translation of the mod, there is an English Translation Pack.

Beneath A Red Sky: A Battle Overhaul

Link to mod

This mod is a balancing mod which essentially makes the battles play more realistically, and more historically accurate. As we have mentioned in previous Total War articles, Creative Assembly seem to be leaning towards the fantasy side of their games, which for the history buffs is not good. The mod pays close attention to the balancing of the game, but puts extra emphasis on fatigue and morale over casualties and damage.

Mandate of Heaven Units Remaster

Link to mod

The Mandate of Heaven DLC was reviewed as ‘Mixed’ on Steam, with many saying that it felt a bit rushed. This mod takes time to reskin the units in the DLC and make them look more unique.

Enhanced Battle Camera

Link to mod

Sometimes with the battle camera, it can be hard to get that action shot you’re looking for. This mod will allow you to get as close or as far as possible to the battlefield, meaning you’ll be able to take panoramic bird’s-eye view snapshots, or close-up shots of the fighting. For those interested in getting cinematic screenshots of Three Kingdoms, this is a must-have mod.

Total War: Three Kingdoms screenshot

The Gathering: Sandbox 2.3.55

Link to mod

This mod essentially brings a dev mode into the game, where you can edit the outcomes of the situation. Three Kingdoms is a game focused on rich, complex relationships between factions, so this is ideal for players who don’t want the computer to simply change some great storylines.

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