Valheim is now on Xbox

As of 14th March 2023, Valheim is available on the Xbox One. It was announced in the Xbox Games Showcase on 14 June that Valheim would be brought to the Xbox One consoles in Q3 of 2022. Supported by the external studios Piktiv and Fishlabs, it has also been released with fully functioning cross-platform play – meaning that you can play on your Xbox with all your friends and worlds on PC.

The developers have also stated that the development of the game will be equal on both platforms, and that the Xbox One will not be trailing behind the development of the PC version.

If you’re looking to buy Valheim for the Xbox One, then simply visit the Xbox games store or download Valheim if you have the Games Pass.

What is next for Valheim?

So far, Valheim is only on Xbox, and there is currently no plan to release Valheim on any other consoles, so unfortunately if you’re on a PS5 or a Switch, you might need to wait a while.

There have been rumours that Valheim is coming to PS5 in six months, but at the moment, nothing has been confirmed by the developers. Senior developer Jonathan Smårs said, “currently, we’re only looking at the Xbox, but you never know”, so it’s not planned, but it isn’t off the table.

Valheim Barley farm

It’s likely that with the wild success of Valheim that there are discussions to release the game to all consoles, as so far, Valheim has been a huge success. Based off the success of the Xbox release, which we can watch unfold in the next few weeks, we can perhaps predict whether a PS5 or Switch release is likely to be soon. In the future, once the game is fully released, then it’s very likely that the game will release on other platforms, which will be within the next two years.

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