What is at the edge of the map in Valheim?

The edge of the map in Valheim is a place most adventurous Valheim players have thought about going to. After all, if you scroll out fully, you will see that the map is a circle, so what will you see if you go to the edge?

If you don’t want any spoilers about what you’ll find there, then please stop reading now.

Valheim map edge
The edge of the map fades into nothing

Travelling to the map edge

The entire map is actually surrounded by a region of water, so you will need to build a boat to travel there as the edge cannot be approached by land. You might find that navigation is a little tricky, as you might not be able to sail straight there, as certain bodies of water will be cut off by land. One tactic is to carry the materials for a workbench and a boat with you, simply dismantle your boat when you reach land, and continue on foot until you reach any water.

You may come across the unfinished biome of the Deep North if you sail northwards, which will be a vast snowy region similar to the Mountains, so if you don’t have any Frost Resistant armour or potions, then it’s advised to travel in a different direction.

World edge view from Karve boat
The edge can be tough to spot from sea level

Approach with caution

Once you start approaching the edge, make sure to sail slowly, and preferably sideways. Approaching the edge of the map can be tricky, as the waves can make it difficult to determine exactly where the edge is. Furthermore, the actual edge is slightly closer than you might think, and the boat can be hard to stop. If the boat goes off the edge, it’s instant death, and not only that, your Tombstone will be lost forever, as well as the boat itself. In layman’s terms, falling off the edge is very bad.

The edge of the map is actually a very steep waterfall which falls away into nothing. Perhaps the Valheim developers have something in mind for the edge of the map, but for now, it’s nothing but an interesting sight to see in the game.

World edge at night
Falling off the edge will result in instant death

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