What is Comfort in Valheim?

If you sleep or rest at your home in Valheim, you might have noticed a small ‘Rested’ icon appear in the top right of the screen. This is your Comfort level, and it is extremely beneficial. While the buff is active, your character will receive 50% health regeneration, as well as 100% stamina and Eitr regeneration.

Comfort varies from level 1 to 18, with level 1 Comfort gaining eight minutes of the Rested bonus. With each level, an extra minute is added, capping at level 18 where the player has 25 minutes of the buff.

How to increase comfort

To increase Comfort, and gain the Rested buff for as long as possible, you need to increase the quality of your buildings and the furnishings.

The first and most important factor is a source of warmth, which can be provided by a campfire or hearth. This is the most important factor in comfort, as no matter how well a shelter is built, if the fire goes out, you will lose any Rested bonus.

Tip: Campfires will give a Rested bonus without shelter, but only as long as it is not raining. As you can build a campfire without a workbench, you can build it anywhere, sit for a few moments, and gain the Rested bonus on the move.

A quality shelter is another thing that you need to build to increase Comfort. This can be any roof that provides cover for your character from the weather. Any part of the roof that lets the rain in will erase any Rested bonus that you had.

Reaching the final stages of Comfort requires quality furniture to be added into your home. Each unique type of furniture in Valheim will push the Comfort up a level, so make sure that you have all types of furniture.

There is a rare in-game spawn of a structure called a Maypole. This pole will spawn in random Meadows locations and cannot be moved. However, it provides an additional level of comfort to buildings nearby.

Level 16 is the highest that you can normally reach, with level 17 normally only being hit with the Maypole, and level 18 with certain seasonal furniture such as the Yule Tree.

Maypole in Valheim
Maypoles in Valheim appear at random in the Meadows

Which items increase comfort the most?

Furniture in Valheim will increase your comfort level depending on the quality of the item. As you progress throughout the game, you will gain access to materials such as iron, unlocking improved furniture and heat sources that will in turn provide higher levels of Comfort. It is important to note that you will only receive Comfort from the best quality piece of furniture from those of the same type. For example, a fine wood chair will provide 2 comfort levels and the raven throne provides 3, if both the throne and the chair are placed in a home, only the 3 levels of comfort from the throne will count.

How to get max comfort in Valheim

Below is a list of all the types of items that will increase comfort in Valheim along with the current best quality version of each. A homestead that incorporates all these items will achieve max comfort.

  • Chairs (Raven Throne, Stone Throne, Darkwood Chair, Marble Throne)
  • Tables (Round Table, Marble Table, Long Table)
  • Beds (Dragon Bed)
  • Carpets (All provide the same level)
  • Heat source (Hearth)
  • Item stand
  • Armour stand
  • Banners (All provide the same level)
  • Hot tub
  • Seasonal Items (Yule Tree)
  • Maypole

Make sure that all of these items you are including are close to warmth, otherwise they will not count. If certain furniture does not match the desired aesthetic of your home, you can easily hide items in walls or under floors. As long as it is close enough to the character and the source of warmth, it will still provide the comfort levels.

Comfort: 16 is the normal peak
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