What is Project BlackBudget?

If you’re interested in extraction-style shooters, then Project BlackBudget might have caught your attention. Krafton, the South Korean publisher behind PUBG, has stated in its earnings report that an extraction-style shooter game is in their pipeline, titled Project BlackBudget and stated that “[we are] challenging ourselves to popularize the extraction shooter genre based on our PUBG production and service experience”.

You can read the full earnings report here.

Krafton's report on Project BlackBudget
Screenshot from Krafton’s report

Describing this as an “ever-changing PvPvE open-world” game, it is unclear exactly what the game will be, but suggests that it is looking to create a competitor to games such as Escape from Tarkov and The Hunt: Showdown. It has also been confirmed that PUBG Studios will be leading the project.

PUBG was one of the first games to popularise the battle royale format of gaming and is perhaps looking to take a step into the newest form of high-stakes multiplayer gaming.

PUBG’s reputation

One major concern for the development of this game is the mixed reviews of the game in its current state. While PUBG is an iconic game, and arguably pioneered the battle royale genre, it has since fallen to a lack of developer attention and extremely poor anti-cheat software. It still has a presence in esports and PUBG Mobile has been incredibly successful, but user reviews have been dropping for the game for years.

PUBG's Steam profile
PUBG’s review on Steam is Mixed

Having said that, Krafton’s reputation is strong, and PUBG’s legacy is too, even if the game has waned a little in popularity. Whatever Project BlackBudget will be titled, we can expect to see some updates for it in the next year or two.

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