When is E3 2023?

UPDATE: On 30th May 2023, E3 was cancelled. Read our article for more information.

E3 2023 is scheduled to take place from June 13th to June 16th.

E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is one of the most highly anticipated events in the gaming industry. It is an annual trade show where major video game companies showcase their upcoming games and hardware to the public.

The disappointment of E3 in 2022 has set the bar high for this year’s event. E3 2020 was abruptly cancelled due to Covid-19, E3 2021 went online for a so-called ‘Electronic Entertainment Experience’, and 2022 was hit by another spanner in the works from Covid-19 again – this time cancelling both the in-person and online event.

E3’s reputation is starting to look a little shaky, and E3 2023 might be make or break for the ESA, who have claimed that Covid-19 is the main cause of their woes, but many suspect it might be part of a larger shift in the industry.

Photo of E3 event

Do industry changes mean the end for E3?

It was in 2013 when Nintendo pulled out of doing keynote presentations in lieu of its own Nintendo Direct shows throughout the year. Since then, Nintendo has performed well and been able to keep up with the competitive industry, with the announcement of a litany of new titles in 2023. Sony did the same in 2019 and reduced their presence to favour their own events.

So has this set the stage for the fact that game companies don’t need E3 to get the word out about their games? Arguably the reliance on E3 as a platform to do so in the last three years has not paid off.

Furthermore, E3 has also seen some competitors rise up, such as Summer Game Fest (June 8) and Gamescom 2023’s Opening Night Live (August 22).

So whether you’re an E3 fan or not, this E3 will be one to watch, as a lot will be resting on this one. Is E3’s reputation strong enough to withstand the competition and rise up strong than ever? Or are we witnessing the beginning of the end?

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